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Your Local Expert Real Estate Agent

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Ms. Fry is here to guide sellers through every step of the real estate transaction. From staging listings, to hosting open houses, to closing, she is there to simplify the process for her clients. She also provides access to industry leading marketing, including advertising on a variety of media channels, print publications, and thousands of websites.


For those searching for a new home, Ms. Fry will guide in research, keeping abreast of new listings, preparing for closing and more. She is ready to help establish a budget and use her market knowledge to assist in finding the best deal possible. Buyers will also receive listing alerts so they’ll be the first to know when new listings fitting their needs come on the market.


Ms. Fry holds a degree in Business Administration from Russia State University for Humanities. She also studied at The University of St. Thomas. Prior to joining Central Metro Realty, Ms. Fry worked in several industries including Hospitality, Travel, Education, Medical, Oil & Gas, Human Resources, and Real Estate. Through her extensive career experience working in both big and small businesses, she has developed strong skills in communication, customer service, and problem solving. Ms. Fry’s interest in Real Estate was sparked by her own personal experience selling her home. Additionally, she has lived in several countries and fully understands the stress and fears that come with moving to a new place and finding the perfect home. She completely comprehends the challenge of adapting to a new location and is fully committed to easing the process for her customers. Ms. Fry looks forward to creating strong business relationships with her clients based on understanding, empathy, and trust.

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